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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Closed Doors Part 2/3

I am not the worst of a kind
I am to be a man of goodness
A chance of humanity 
That justifies, man from beast. 

But still the priest, with symbolic figure(s )
Will not hear my confessions; 
In closed doors, behind curtains, he says 
“he did not sign up for this, reversed juicy hear”

My sub conscience comes to life
In the early hours of dawn
When all that is heard 
Is the Owl's call in surrealisms of hall ways

In strange sounds, of stress awakening
In near distance background
Like human cry, haunted 
Intimately heard in echoes

In the early years,
Of a new day's birth
When the earth manages 
To catch a breath, 

Before the voice of man, is heard again,
Turning words in juicy spin, bashing verses
Distorting in coded fragmentation
Diffusing reasons, with blurred versions

And still to confess to the deafness of hear
The blindness of sight
Be the one to carry your burden
I don't want to know, I am only human

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  1. Sensitive...painful...bittersweet.
    Poetry book: From Hell With Love http://bit.ly/ic2tED Blog:http://livingwithpoetry.blogspot.com/

  2. Complex, moving, and very well written.

  3. There is a compelling sadness to this piece. The words hurt the reader and frustrate in their hopelessness.

    p.s. May I suggest breath instead of breathe?

  4. Sheilagh Lee said:this has deep seeded sadness in it.Bravo kodjo great poem

  5. Someone out there always hears..Jae

  6. sad, but there's something about this poem that stays with you.

  7. fantastic poem kodjo. very beautiful work.


  8. So pain ....you have expressed it wonderfully...

  9. The tale in poem is intense as I had said earlier.
    I liked the blunt retaliation part a lot!

    Wishing you a beuatiful week ahead



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