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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Foreign "gods"

Hypocrisy in daylight role played 
By the man who says, call me god
Praise my name, worship my flag
My statue, just call me god

I will claim a heritage in the land of the Pharaohs
And Greeks, Romans and Orientals
 Where once, man was made god

And in death he was worth more
With his name made immortal 
Call me god, yes call me god 

Yes call me god, praise my name
To testify my name, honour me
And time has no boundaries, yes call me god
But then, the gods must be having a laugh

Or are they, rather torn between what to do
In confused state of moral stands, 
Grinding their teeth, buying their time
Weighting between a dance with the devil, to suffer a personal loss

Or stick with the evil, "we have an understanding with him"
He who stands on old lands, with oppressors suit
The common man shouts out, in rebellion
Let my people go, we will burn effigy of false gods 

Free them, free us all, let my people go
But the gods of the land, are now tongue tied
In sub sahara, in the land of the ivory
They had much to say, the faithful heard their cry

In the north of the same old  ancient land
They had their "handful", and became foreign gods
For fear, they will bleed on change
This is not our fight and we can't risk it 

What if the gods should bleed
Then they are no longer immortals
Just as men, weak, and vulnerable
And has something to lose, something to gain

So they sit on the fence and scratch their heads
Do call me god, but don't expect  miracles
Yes do call me god, my like for that sound
For even paradise is with tsunami, so call me god


  1. Sheilagh Lee said:Extremely intense this really illustrates what is happening in Eygpt.

  2. Gods and false gods all walk together; and sometimes their 'costumes' are so much the same that it is impossible to determine who is who. Thank you for linking to Poetry Jam!

  3. power makes gods of us all, perfect ending, and the 6th stanza really sticks out here

  4. Thought provoking and amazingly written Kodjo!

  5. I like that you took on the situation in Egypt in your response to this prompt. So very complex and confusing there. Thanks for linking to PJ.

  6. I thought I commented but perhaps it did not get through somehow. I like how you took on the Arab Spring situation here. Maybe it is power itself that is god. All things are possible. Thanks for posting.

  7. thought provoking and well said.......


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