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Friday, 25 February 2011

Weekend Vibe

Something on the light side, nice side
Something with a tingle, tickle, wiggle 
Something on the smile side; and it goes, like this

Down the week to the (lemon) tree that stands
Alone on field walks for rest , bench below, rest below
Shades from branches that gravitates to earth

Monday feels like five steps from mountain stand
But for the prof, slowly he rains on sunny days
And on and on and on, he bores the life out of man

Oh Friday come quick by 5 after 9
Set me free on weekend joy, love ones wait 
Sleep late and wake late, teas with breakfast in beds

And be slow with your time, please be slow, oh chill time
As I indulge with joy, the fun of weekend's vibe
Before Sunday's curtains draws in, please be slow Sir


  1. Amen! I share your sentiment... please be slow Sir Lovely :)

  2. Wonderful....It would be nice if we had some gadgets to adjust the time according to our wish..
    Happy weekend..

  3. Lovely painted prose of work the bitter and down time the sweet~ I loved the images you made in my mind~

  4. I love this poem. Especially the first few stanzas: lovely alliteration.

  5. Nice one. Thanks for leaving your link at I Saw Sunday.

  6. That weekend vibe is delightful. In college, I dreaded Sunday nights, as they marked the furthest point from the next weeks follies.


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