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Sunday, 6 February 2011

I Keep Falling

And I keep falling, deeper and deeper
Gravity pulls me and no forces holds against
It is like a free fall from planes, I am just falling

I am just falling, each day I fall further and deeper
This time constantly I am thought consumed
My mind feeds on this feeling, it runs in circles 

My feelings are reflective of this fall, 
I am just falling, some how am distant enclosed, excited
Redefined, somehow I am absent, I am present and I keep falling

And I am addicted, this fall consumes me, reliefs  me
I am addicted, ever needing, the feeling of this sensation
Ever needing, to find myself transforming, falling, emerging

Just falling where emotions overrules and demands 
And I crave your presence,  you are my addiction
I am just falling, just falling in love 

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  1. Loved the photo and found the poem intoxicating.

  2. Interesting I had the 'falling' feeling this week too..I agree with OldEgg, the photo was brilliant - and an interesting contrast to the words..very powerful piece..Jae

  3. Wonderful poem and corresponding photo. I had the 'falling' feeling, too. Unfortunately, mine had to do with ice.

  4. Loved the photo! Hang on, you got it bad, you're falling! Pulled me in too! Well done!

  5. Wonderfully written... felt as if I was in a whirlwind freefall... nicely done.

  6. love the heart shape,
    well done.

  7. Beautiful voice and imagery. I love the form you used here, really conveys the sense of free fall.


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