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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sing Songs, Love Song

Sweet Serenade 

# If I had a guitar 
# I would  play 
#This love song in my head

# It rings bells like 
# te na na na na na na
# Like church bells  sing songs
# te na na na na na na 

# My baby, my lady, my essence 
# My sweety, darling boo, 
#If I had a guitar 
# I will play this love song in my head
# Sweet like nectar, serenade from sound

# I would serenade you 
# If I had a guitar
# My lady, my baby
# This is my love song

# Said if I had a guitar 
# Ring din, din,  
# My baby, my bimbi  
#te na na na na na na
# On mountain stand, 
#I will be now, singing songs

# Like te na na na na na
# If I had a guitar
# And you stood infront of me
# I will sing you, a love song 


  1. Sheilagh Lee said: Interesting I love how you used the word prompts.

  2. Nice, now I'm wondering what the music would be like...(that's a good thing)

  3. I love the brightness of your song this warm summer morning. It just made my day.


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