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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Closed Doors Part 1/3

I can not confess, for the priest will not hear my cry
He says in protest, this is not what he signed up for;
“I am only human it is better to leave such words
 for the hear and ears, eyes of the after life,
let them be the judging priest, go with peace my son”

And in halls of the asylum, in puzzles of  reality
There are always doors that stay locked
The Shrinks are adamant, in strong beliefs
They are better off  locked and left to their own
In such sweet sorrow, out of sight

No medicine can bring those ones back
And for this, his medicine does not profess
To being a miracles cure, he confesses
At least not for all of men

I am not the worst of a kind, not yet to be stoned
Others dwarf my weakness in thoughts 
In deeds, in skeletons buried, in riches gained
And still the priest refuses to hear,
In ears my confessions, in the early hours of dawn

Notes: This is abstract, even to myself, because every time
I analyse it, it comes to me from a different light
and the meaning changes with each view point

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  1. There is something so mysterious about poetry where the backdrop is in an asylum. It is a haunting piece...

  2. What a frightening, sad poem. I would have thoughts priests were obligated to hear a confession, regardless of anything. I guess those who are deemed mad are excluded.

  3. "And in halls of the asylum, in puzzles of reality
    There are always doors that stay locked" powerful words here...lots to contemplate.

  4. definitely a haunting verse...and doors closed and open...particularly when a confession is needed...tight one shot...

  5. "And still the priest refuses to hear"

    so many priests in our lives, including, sometimes, deep parts of our very selves...

  6. Your one shots keep getting better. I like a bit of intruige, and this fitted the bill nicely

  7. I'm a big fan of the abstract..most times in poetry makes more sense than what is meant to be clarity..well written piece here

  8. An abstract can be nice every once in a while - everyone's always looking for some concrete meaning to every poem, yet when it's in the abstract, it can, truly, mean something different, something special, to every person that reads it. Thought provoking in this one's execution, as a good abstract should be - well done.

  9. Hi Kodjo

    Its very powerful... I enjoyed reading your words..
    'I am not the worst of a kind, not yet to be stoned
    Others dwarf my weakness in thoughts '
    Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Connect with me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  10. This prompt took your mind on a fascinating trip! I'm always amazed at the diversity of thoughts occurring from a single prompt.

  11. Oh maaaan!! What a scary thought! To have NO ONE listen to you! It must be something like claustrophobia... walls caving in, sorta!!
    Your words sure painted a very vivid image, Kodjo...
    A brilliant one shot!

  12. Yes it is a shaded word. You build a world of shadows, each person closeted and afraid. Afraid to hear the words as though the words if heard would be enough to lock the hearer into a prison of his own; as if to hear the words would throw them into madness or evil or both. Excellent layered work. Thank you, Gay @beachanny

  13. Love the layers, the puzzles here.

  14. Intricate, detailed layers blending to become a whole picture, stunning in its imagery. Nice write.

  15. Intriguing read, more telling than showing, but effective and worthwhile nonetheless.


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