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Monday, 7 February 2011

Cupid On My Block

Love life and life will love you back
Who sent cupid down my block
Knock knock, pfhu, paw, there
I turned around and found an arrow 
Sticking right there, on my behind

Said, who sent cupid down my block
Such innocent face, he  did posses 
So I didn't see it coming, not at all
He kissed his bow, and aimed at me
He winked at her and here I am

Who sent cupid down my block
He left an arrow, on my behind
He left me, needing to be loved

So who sent cupid down my block
Am here, for you, am here for your love
Who sent cupid down my block 


  1. Such an enjoyable read! Be ready for love :)

  2. I hate cupid. He sometimes seem to lack wisdom when he shoots his arrows. I will let God be my ultimate matchmaker! :o)

  3. Ah Cupid. Mischievous little blighter! However, the devastation can be amusing to watch (from the outside, at least)!

    Here from the Monday Potluck. Here is my offering: http://shawnbird.com/2011/02/07/reclining-angels/

  4. Oi!Call him back! He missed a cul-de-sac! Fun and lovely, thanks.


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