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Thursday, 17 February 2011

A Part Of Me

A part of me, wants to see the world
A part of me wants to stay out in the woods
Sleep the night under its canopy, climb mountains 

See the moon light, turn the earth golden ray
Sense the chill of the mid night hour
Feel the dew, embrace the new day  

A part of me, wants to stay at home
Feel the comfort, a sense of safety
Here no one pulls my strings

Here I am safe, in my mother's womb
Cradled and protected
Here I am safe

Comfort is relativity
And the world can live without me
And I can be safe in my bubble

But a part of me wants to see the world
Know the world, feel its glory
Know its beauty, know its pain

Yet the greatest draw back
Is the doubt, that lingers within
The mind is a dangerous thing

The mind is a beautiful thing
And my heart yearns, and my mind knows
A part of me wants, to see the world


  1. Wake up and get going, KD! You have spoken your mind very well here.

  2. The mind can so often hold us back. We must fight it.
    Nicely expressed.

  3. Wow,what a wonderful poem...the different thoughts..you have wonderfully portrayed it...
    Thanks for sharing..
    Here is mine..
    Here is mine

  4. I want to see the world too...beautifully written..

  5. go ahead and see the world...

    lovely piece.
    Happy Rally.

  6. To see the world, experience its wonder, its natural calling of new days... to truly see and experience it all is always relative.

  7. Explore the world, very good poem!

  8. loved the way you portrayed the dilemma . to stay safe or to venture out of our comfort zone.

  9. I hope you do get out and see the world! You need to break away!

  10. A part of me, wants to give this five stars and read it again and again and again …

  11. If only we could stay out of our heads. Can you imagine the possibilities for the world?

  12. "Comfort is relativity
    And the world can live without me
    And I can be safe in my bubble "

    That is our instinct, always try to get us off from bad things that could hurt us...

    But, will you take a risk for something worth in this life?

    Hehe, that's an eternal question.

    Love your poem here.

    Happy rally. ^^

  13. Great expression of doubt and the rationalization of it.


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