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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My Hero

Nothing too fancy,  just like a modest home  
Just say, I am going to be with you
I am going to hold you tight
I am always going to come home
And I will never let you go 

Just say that to me, my baby
Just say you are my dream,
And this is our dream home 
Just say I see you in my light
And you make it brighter 

Just you, are everything I want
Maybe open a door for me on occasion 
But just a flower will do
Nothing too fancy, make it tulips
Cos they are my favourite 

Saying the three virtuous words
With sincere meaning, will do 
Just the look in your eyes, will do
Just  being the hero of my heart, will do
Nothing too fancy,  just being my hero, will do


  1. Out of all of the Magpies that I have read so far yours is the first to incorporate warmth and love. Nice. My fave line is: "But just a flower will do Nothing too fancy, make it tulips" love that. Anyhow, nice Maggie my friend! :o)

  2. A joyful read. So sweet and committed!

  3. awww - this is sooo romantic kodjo..enjoyed it - esp. loved the nothing too fancy..

  4. smiles.yeah that is all i need...nothing too big just those 3 little words...very nice one shot

  5. Great love poem, Kodjo! "make it tulips / Cos they are my favourite" Can definitely relate to sentiment. Nothing too fancy. Just that special togetherness. Excellent.

  6. Perfect Valentine -wow love it. A tall order to be a hero but I believe the right man can be that in his lady's eyes.

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

  7. Very romantic Kodjo, thank you for sharing

  8. Hi KD
    Yes just the look in the eye will do.. Lovely.. I enjoyed it so much...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  9. Those three little words..who doesn't want them? Deeply romantic..loved this!

  10. This one is begging for some music! (do I always say that?)

  11. A very encouraging and assuring message, Kodjo.

    The kind of words anybody would love to hear.

    (And I hope they do!)

  12. Aww... how sweet! The tiniest things bring the most satisfaction...
    Very well expressed, my friend...

  13. What a relief to find this after all the sad offerings this week!

  14. Solid, life- and love-smart work.

  15. I think this is a really nice love poem. Love should always be as simple as your poem but reality is that its complicated. Your poem makes me cherish the simple moments in my relationship. Good work


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