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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My Light House

If I say tomorrow I will be coming home
Will you still hold the door for me
Door for me, have a welcome ceremony for me 

Will my keys open doors it entered, before I voyage 
Before I bequeath my heart to you, I will see you soon 
My sweet heart, soon enough, very soon enough

And if I buy flowers, tulips, will you get a vase
And keep it alive in moist, until I get back
I will be back, I promise very soon  

Will you hold the fort
Long enough, just long enough 
Until I cross these last paths and make it to you

Will you be there, in 14 days 
To receive the flowers I brought
Hear my adventures, and call me a hero

If I say, wait until tomorrow, just tomorrow
Will you still be my light house
For I will be looking out for your lighthouse
From the north sea 


  1. The repetition adds to the urgency of this piece.

  2. Oh I LOVE this poem, it is my favorite one of yours so far. This is truly beautiful, and moving. Well done!

  3. Tells a gret story. Nice one KD.

  4. Beautiful poem...So touching...

  5. I am quite impressed with your use of repetition here. It's quite something else altogether.

  6. Kodjo,
    I can imagine these words, set to some haunting music.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  7. I love this; so beautiful! I feel like a lighthouse waiting for my husband, to return from sea~ GREAT JOB~

  8. How touching. Distance always makes the heart fonder, so does the fear of death and separation looming o'er.


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