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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sailing The Seas

All aboard! Two nameless tag boats 
Pulls on history celebrated Richelieu / Palo
With stories told, of once upon a time 

Young once will marvel at adventures
Wish they were there, to sail the sea a' ride it waves
Mimic acts of Captain Cook or Black beard

In Bristol seats
Isambard  Kingdom Brunel SS-Great Britain 
All mighty a' powerful, the  biggest in the old dock 

Today, these days, she is old and fragile 
She lives only on past glory, sat on illusion of waters deep
But like an old gran, she is much loved by the kids 

Who in characters does one play, the kids should be
All aboard! on props set for imagination run
Captain Cook, Black beard, or Christopher Colombo; 

All aboard !
For a voyage of imagination's ride
Someone tell us the stories of  old adventure


  1. Interesting poem to include the old ships. I am going to see the Great Britain the next time I'm in Bristol.

  2. "But like an old gran, it is much loved by the kids"


  3. What a great approach to this week's Sepia Saturday theme.

  4. Oh I like this post...and what an excellent poem and use of great information for this week's theme...nicely crafted!

  5. I like your approach - you have set a challenge for the other poets who follow Sepia Saturday.

  6. Oh yes, long live the old tales:)Well done!


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