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Saturday, 5 February 2011

This is your day

This is your day, parties of soiree
Swaying and rendering
Marries of joyous memories of bliss

Blessed and ushered
Crowned and witnessed
By all who love and care, with humility

Yeah on the day, you are royalty
With the pianist, ready in waiting
To start with the grand entry

Heads turned as you
Stand by the door way
On a bright and beautiful day

Smiles lighting up, as exposed teeth
Fells up the room, yes this is your day
When the priest waits on you 
Before the ceremony starts

Beside you as you stride down
The ail is a father perplexed
By the joy of giving you away
Awaiting is your soon to be better half

Scares of all the nightmares
Cast away into the emptiness
Of a world far, far away
With no bridge to bring it back
To this world, sealed away

Yes this is your day, when your dream man
Is stood in waiting in the finest suit
Yes this is your day, when you are draped in
White beautiful lace, of  a wedding gown

And when the ceremony is over
You are whisked away into
A paradise
A fitting way to begin
A marriage
A honeymoon

A marriage blessed to last a life time
Yes this is your day
Parties of soiree
Swaying and rending, in humility 
Marries and memories of bliss.


  1. Very nice about the feelings of the bride and father (a little for him).
    Most can remember their wedding pretty much in detail. Even when the marriage doesn't last.

  2. As only what can be dreamed of is able to become a reality, this felt wonderful to read and see.

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  3. An interesting interpretation of this memorable and life changing event in life. I agree with Jim, even if it doesn't last.

  4. This is a lovely take on humility and describes the joy of matrimony. I like this. I am curious about the word slander in this piece and wonder if it is harmonious with your theme. Take Care.


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