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Friday, 25 February 2011

The Religion Of Hearts

Love is blind 
And lovers can not see 

How many colours does the heart possess 
How many emotions drawn from it's pockets  
Where shades of darkness do belong 

If religion is not to be understood 
What of the heart, in temples of worship 
Where love is religion, and it is religion 

And religion of the heart is worshipped
In the eyes of the faithful, love has to be blind  
A dozen prophecies are seen, in abstract

How many meanings can be of essence
Is it for the love or for the pain, 
It burns in vellicate on emotions drag 

For faith or prophecy 
Who holds crystal balls 
To be told of the future by the sightless oracle 

Which side of the heart, holds pain
Which side does hold love
Which side of the heart is set aside for hate 

A collage of the heart, seats like religious symbols
Sends out, tell tell signs of heat signal senses
Is this how I am to understand the heart 

In abstract essence, like religious stands
And faith is said to hold belief,  it has to 
That is all we are to go on by for love has to be blind 

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  1. nice...i like the blend of heart and religeous symbolism...there are some dark places in the collage of our hearts, we allhave ways to go...nice write

  2. Complicated layering ina lovely deep poem that feserves more than one reading hunx

  3. Lovely imagery. i need to read this again when I am not so tired to appreciate it full but it speak out even at first read.

  4. Nice write! I really like that third line.

  5. A heart that hates
    Is but a shadow of a heart
    Less than a caricature
    Only a sponge
    Saturated in poison
    Squeezing out darkness
    In the name of righteousness
    A masquerade
    An abomination
    All who come in contact
    Must suffer
    Most of all
    The poisoner

    OneLove--Tiger Windwalker

  6. Wow, this is really neat. Love ll the nuances.

  7. This is quite an interesting write..no one can't make out what comes next.. nicely woven..well done..

  8. hey, great piece, lovely words, like a little whirlpool draining into the question. Very nice.

  9. gorgeous poem K. you're right love is faithful and blind in her faithfulness.

  10. This is quite a deep and meaningful piece. I'm glad I dropped by.


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