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Thursday, 12 January 2012

An autopsy of society

Dead, dead, dead  
Dead the society 
Dead the politician  

Dead the governor 
Whose house was once a welcome 
Dead dead dead 

Dead the councilman 
Dead the taxman 
Dead the economy  
In trade and shillings, penny    

Dead the Children
Dead the schools
Dead prosperity and glisters bright

Dead the market bustling quiet
Dead the halls that lay bare
Dead the neighbour that shares a sugar

Dead the roads, the workingmen’s club
Dead the churches
Dead the theaters of opera sang

Dead the father
Dead the wife
Dead the sibling chaotic home bliss, oh joy  

Dead the good men that once stood
Dead the given and charities too
Dead the dead and deader the deaded 

For the leach of green greed
Has been accepted in chambers guild
By the men, chosen as guardians of us all 

Dead, dead, dead 
Now who killed Willy wanker 
Is Willy wanker dead?


  1. hot man...way to shake it up...vivid intense and on spot with social conscious...truth

  2. it is sad when the news we hear is of death and betrayal.


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