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Monday, 30 January 2012

How deep is that rabbit hole

You know, simple says  
Tomorrow is another day 
After all, tomorrow is just another day

Some decisions are easy to make 
Based on instinct of reaction 
A yes, a no, simple to the answer  

Next question, then another  
I am good at this, no hold backs  
Without the need to pause, lament on ponder 

Simple says, confidence is at its highest heights 
When one is not being tested against the odds 
I am that good, with ease over obstacle paths 

Before a sudden halt in momentum 
Abrupt ends, stops forced upon one. 
No entry or regress in rabbit holes trapped

On test tracks, screech stop, emergency breaks 
Redundant keys to passage path ways  
Wonder lands, is that you Alice?   

When decisions come into their own element 
And throw doubt in every option given 
Faced down by the bull with intent to act

Who stands, who crumbles 
Who throws white towels in and signs on  
To the asylum house, stress break as last cards 

Monday always brings to focus, in focus 
Decisions put on hold, the weekend brought escape 
Monday always feel like a new start with apprehension  

And yet for every one of those days, simple says 
We make it, past lines of  interference shields drawn 
Simple says it best, when confident is at it height 

But who has that height 
When caught deep in the rabbit hole 
Simple says, life is just that, not so simple, "funny that"  


  1. Insightful, thought-provoking and even better, fine poetry...

  2. Nicely, love the bit about alice!!


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