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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A deeper cut than most

Over tea and biscuit
In the comfort of friendship 
Here was a story I came to know 

Some cuts are deep 
Deeper cuts than most 
These are lessons I learnt from tales 

I read a story about a brave soldier 
Who crossed the sea to mainland  Europe 
To fight the enemy who threatened sanity  

This was for a just cause 
Where the defined line of good and bad
Was drawn clear on the conscience of soldier's mind 

Non the less, through the trenches 
Barb-wires and the rain of mortar fire 
The sounds that darkens the heavens from day to night 

He and men like him that stood on the front line of war gates 
Lost how it was to be, once innocent to feel pain, detached 
Tears stopped falling, giving way to numbness 

While friends he played cards at night with  
Laid torn, scatted and without life on muddy grounds. 
The next day as causality, to add on, a long list 

 A name was recorded on the memorial plank  
He w' be remembered as a hero a statue would stand 
His honor, this was a just war, I say and all agree 

No tears would  jolt rain on the floor we stand on 
There is non left to pour on souls gone 
He's was, a life given for a good cause, a just cause 

Yet a letter from home, tore alone soldier's dam down 
This was a cut too deep to bare, to say two weeks 
Had passed to the day his only son died,  it read 

He fell to his knees, to yell out at breaking point 
No war fields, trenches and sight seen 
Could numb this surge of pain 

The tears he held back for so long, as brave 
To maintain composure, could only pour out to flood  
"Do not show weakness to the enemy, it dampens moral"

He said forgive me a court martial 
My son is dead, dead and gone, while I was away 
Fighting for justice, some cuts are just too deep bare 


  1. WOW!!

    Truly moved me.
    Brought a lump to my throat.

    Brilliantly done.

    Thank you so much for taking part.
    Warmest regards

  2. Loved this write--


  3. damn...yeah that would crush me...knowing i was away handling one responsibility while another slipped away...the death of a child too is almost too much to bear...

  4. Holy!! Moved my heart. Good one :)

  5. Nice piece. Just found myself a bit distracted by mistakes(but I'm well known for lamenting such things *grin*) Nice use of the words :o)


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