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Thursday, 5 January 2012

A message in a shell

I picked a gem from the floor  
On the beach shoreline, where a thousand  
Waves sang in choir 

They have traveled distance journeys 
To announce with messages they hold 
What the others across the pond did say 

My love stands there waving across with words among 
She said something nice, but too far for my ears to hear
Something good, romantic, something unique 

I picked something precious 
From the beach sand, that held magic 
Allure  of beauty, it came as a parcel to be had 

I picked a shell on the beach 
Placed it close to my delicate ears 
And heard the message my love sent 

She sent a message in a shell 
Something nice, quintessential 
Something about love, in a shell 


  1. Kodjo, this is my absolute favorite poem of yours. It is perfection. Loving the beach as I do, I enjoyed every perfect word! Thank you so much.

  2. I love your poem! I love thinking of the ocean as a choir and a channel to exchange love notes~

  3. That first stanza is really cool!

  4. Wow....i think we were reading each other's minds when we did our prompt....when you see mine you will understand. Each stanza in your poem compliments the next....this is beautiful Kodjo! Congrats on your interview at Poets United....it has been so wonderful meeting so many people from around the world in the blogosphere. :-)

  5. i love this! my family and i lived by the beach for almost 27 years...very true...i heard the "waves sang in choir"...thanks for sharing! have a great weekend!

  6. the message of love and commitment embedded in this piece is endearing. Lovely.


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