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Thursday, 19 January 2012

A heroes poem

Produce a hero; a hero is needed 
Produce a knight to court as stand 
One with value more than silver's worth 

I want to write an epic poem 
Something with a hero defined   
Taking on the gates of irons; Illuminati of stupidity    

Battling through obstacles drawn  
Mansions, castles, skyscrapers tuxedo 
Dressed decorated in uniforms suit   

Neatly ironed with medals  
Cuff-links a' tie for oppression of the common people 
Tittles and prestige to intimidate with bluff 

That serves to warn, to weaken, oppositions  
They stand unopposed, on open parks gather  
They stand blustering with audacity 

For oppositions lost their tooth, and essence to fight  
Rushing to stock; hording on self preservation  
To save their skins, cowards are they, that joined the orgy   

But I want to write an epic poem for a hero 
Put blemish and cuts on the hero defined 
Who went against, and stood against self preservation  

Stood to fight the establishments candy 
Charity of a spirit held, like Joan of Arc or Anna Hazare 
To be victorious against the status qua   

The needy stand at the tilting edge of oblivion nearing 
Darkened shadows of deserted island, liberty cries    
Stranded with stones to call out on S.O.S for rescue 

I want to write an epic poem 
To give the stranded and modern enslaved a hero of hope  
And to stop lady liberty's sorrow so deep 

She holds her hands up to hide her face 
Obstructing her beauty that fades with unjust 
For into her hands are tears she cries    

So I want to write an epic poem 
To produce a hero, a hero of valor, a hero is needed 
For lady liberty is filled with sorrow 

And earth is held to ransom 
Being extorted and threatened 
With black mail and corruption 


  1. oh you write some epics buddy...smiles....a hero is certainly needed....strong write...did you ever hear that song "i need a hero..."

  2. And you have written it, and so wonderfully. "The needy stands at the tilting edge of oblivion" - wow. And your closing lines are perfect. I love this.

  3. Love the lady liberty line. We do need a hero.

  4. This is a great epic poem and Lady Liberty should never be filled with sorrow. I guess the Lady does need a hero with valor to save her.

    Thanks for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you have fun with next weeks new theme.

    God bless.


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