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Monday, 9 January 2012

The composite of me

The science of my existence
I am told, I am made of carbon, my bones
I am made of the heaven particles and H2O

I am science to be studied
Biology to my organs
Physics to my movement

Now chemistry, chemistry, chemistry  
Is for all sorts, a mixtures of me
Reaction on opposites and attraction

I am made of science
Brittle at certain temperatures, cold
Strong at others, bendy and sentimental

Temperamental at others
Don't go letting me catch fire
I am made of hydrogen too, you know

Precious in diamonds valued on price
Did I say, I was made of diamond
Sorry carbon, was I wrong to say diamond

But between biology, physics and chemistry
I cannot figure out, that which controls my heart
Runs tears and blood in the valleys of me, like streams

I suspect chemistry, tricky chemistry with emotion
Oh, chemistry, chemistry, and my soul you are
My subconscious you are, how so complex you are

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