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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I love me a Jazz

Come fly with me, on the soul express sky
Surf the wind draft, to give you an uplift  

Sound me a melody smooth on the cord 
Trumpet the blow, to ignite my Zen 

Sometimes with words elicit like chant 
Soul to the sound that whispers awakening 

Sometimes without, it is just the metal 
And t’ air that sings on slow, laden spirits of old 

Take me to New Orleans, costumes and beads  
Land me right in, on a mardi gra day

Announce a carnival of emotion’s arrival
Let me two line, behind an Indian chief

This is jazz; sometimes with words, vibrate antidote 
Sometimes without, somber rally on soul 

But know this, know this; this is just jazz, soul music 
Love like flying, like life,  I love me a jazz 


  1. sweet... love music. great write

  2. Atmospheric! I love all that Jazz!!

  3. Love me some jazz as well! Great write!

  4. ... and all that Jazz ... lovely poem

  5. I love me some jazz... and some blues... and your poem.

  6. I love your poem! Yes, I sure like that ZEN! Well Done~


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