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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The VIP Gate Pass

What language is spoken after the river crossing? 
Where souls of no shells, descend to hang their coats 
What colour layer is given, as badges to be seen in? 
How is one determined to be of one or the other?  

For here on earth, eyes, skin, hair, height, size and sex 
Helps to seclude and class, segregate with pigeonholes  
Who comes with fortune established from birthright 
To inherit thrones as easy, pizzy there you go, have it 

For religion to cry out, a' say Heaven  and hell is t' afterlife 
 I promise you oh friend, many h' bared witness to  t' "wreck" of hell   
In this "bubble" of life, far worst t' any that revelation pronounce 
And many have witnessed heaven too, in forms of many 

Much so, so much that, the gap between posts of pillars 
Is vast in ways the Milkyway would have to add another 
And another for distance to be measured 
In galactic space of gauge in gaps between the two  

Me, I "lumber" in no man’s shoes, yet my eyes cannot fail to see
And surely in my own encasement, I have bared witness
To heaven and hell, on this here earth, very here earth
To know how it feels like to have joy or pain, happiness or sadness

But above all, what language is spoken after the river crossing 
Where souls of no shells descend to hang their coats 
What colour paten is given as badges to be seen in?  
I cannot tell, I do not know, I wish not to know oh, friend 

For as it is  here, sh'ld it be t' same on t' other side 
Of the river's crossing and be known 
Then the system class of segregation would be worse than it is
In any form to be seen at present, than we have ever known 

I do not know, if the KKK’s and the Hi Hitler's , the money men 
And t' what not a' t' what not, and the this and that, 
I do not know, what colour or creed, gender or affluence 
What language is spoken after the river crossing, 

To know who has got the VIP GATE PASS 
If any, if any 
Do you know, if any? 


  1. very philosophical. I truly believe we are all judged on our behaviour and some are sent for re-education.Well others get to enjoy the finer things in heaven.

  2. Thought provoking piece. Effective use of this weeks words.

  3. An intelligent and thought-provoking poem.


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