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Friday, 27 January 2012

So I hear its Friday

So Friday is here again, tools to put down   
After uniforms, in blue colour or otherwise  
Neck hangs and the shoes prescribed 

 Hello kitty kitty!, all on board into the vibrancy  
Of easy wear,  pub crawls and late wake 
Drink and dance, to relax one's edge  

Tomorrow will have nothing  
To do with the alarm clocks  
Lie ins, would be priceless to indulge  

To spend a time, a good "quality time" 
With friends and family, neighbours if any  
Catch up on a few, standbys and merry 

Just don't mention Sunday yet 
Friday is hear to give an escape path 
Neck hangs a' shoes with pointy ends 

To down tools, and uniforms of otherwise 
So I hear Friday is here again 
Clock watch with excitement is here again 

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