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Monday, 16 January 2012

Relativity of my energy

Where now 
Who now, what now  
When now, as thus chapters readers 

Energy in form, a parable of thoughts  
Energy equals to motivation "check your weight"  
Times consistent, consistency, constant strive E= mc2 

Life is such that, at the beginning of voyage 
Where at harbours stand, lovers wave with vigour  
And confidence is at its bream, as words are cheap  

One is full of energy to burst,  
And full the distance ahead to travel pass 
Don't take my word for it, read the maps that stands 

The closer I get, the less energy I am left with, loose a kilo 
Like the lack of oxygen felt in Everest ascendancy  
To plant accomplished realizations digging deep 

So my tank lies close to empty, half empty 
If this is to be my gauge of measure 
I am that close to the journey's end 

I checked, double checked, just to be sure 
This journey was not started on half tank 
To be left a step frozen from the finish line.  

I will see the summit of Everest 
The gauge on my tank tells me I am that  close
I see it on the horizon, where my energy runs low  


  1. very true,

    what one needs is to take a break, fill your gas tank, and move forward tomorrow.

    have fun in your journey.

  2. exactly, love is hard when two persons are far away.

  3. Well done and yes, it is hard, but it can work!
    I have done it :D
    I love how many ideas come to me reading your words!

  4. Superb piece (and image at the top!). Flying on a light beam.


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