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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

An incomplete novel

Have a listen  on soundcloud An incomplete novel
All roses die, consume (d) in rose cottage  
All beginnings have an ending 
And the sun always sets after rise 

But I hope it is not the ending 
That I have come to know 
How could I have blacked out  

Just heard a word of the story being told  
And knew there was more to it 
Did I blink for too long, too long on lament 

And missed a chapter to the end to collect 
Something went missing, something w' missing  
Like the last book of Charles Dickens. 

What would the end have been 
What would his last words have said 
A' would t' villain known to be h' turned out  to be hero 

All roses die, all beginnings have an ending 
This time the author died  unannounced with regret  
Before last words could have been said to be content 

It leaves one with wonder 
And others with attempt to rewrite history  
What would the story have been. 

Some one took a chapter out 
And left this book incomplete 
And the same was said of Jane Austen 

It must be the seasons anger 
To have killed a rose before blossom 
To say all things die, all things die 

Even before chapters end  
What is the story being told 
Did I miss a chapter 

An incomplete novel 
Did I miss a chapter 


  1. ah....the eternal mystery...like most things in life...chapters edited and made sense with our understanding...and our own villains and edwin droods..

  2. if a rose
    posts her naked body
    in a wrong place,
    or offer sex to her true love's
    offspring to get everything,
    then she must be punished.

    life is fragile, one shall cherish what one has, not to overdo or harm innocent souls.

  3. truth and creativity makes good poetry! love this!


  4. Sometimes a chapter does seem skipped over or missed, but it seems to fill itself in with time, great verse.

  5. some days i wonder if i missed a chapter somewhere...the pace of the story is so fast it is easy to get lost between sentences you know... nice write kodjo

  6. Some one took a chapter out.. and left the book incomplete... I agree with you so much... almost all life is incomplete... Like the story...


    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At twitter @VerseEveryDay

  7. I could not stop thinking about how many have died at such a young age and how their story was incomplete. And I wish that everyone's story could be completed before they departed.

    Thanks for sharing this poem with us. Happy TT.

    God bless.


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