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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Stop error reason code 0x805000f

System failure, system failure,downhill   
Red light flashes on the screen 
Panic mood set on the high 

Error code, error code 
System failure, shut down  
Stop error, reason code: 0x805000f 

Alarm bells, alarm bells ring 
Brain traffic staggered on the high 
To which button to call on rescue 

Fetch the technician 
Quick, quick, quick 
He speaks in coded words of language 

He speaks in dos freak, I don't speak dos  
To understand abstract concepts defined 
Screens with letters blared to my eye 

Like latin to me, foreign in ways 
My computer just went foreign on me 
Awl to act, a rebel overnight 

Links to the soup of cacophony chat 
In the 21centry communal halls 
Cut sliver to pieces, jumble lay 

System failure, system failure 
Shut down imminent error code 609 
Running error codes 604, 606, 608 

Red light flashes on the screen 
My computer is speaking dos to me 
Stop error reason code 0x805000f 


  1. I can relate to this occasionally but not as much as I did years ago. Clever.

  2. I can understand this when something goes wrong with it I worry that it will never be fixed because I can't fix it.


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