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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bananadrama a story of sort

I always wandered, pondered, and I asked, why the banana 
Should be surged upon to have a bad name, a bad name 
Walk, walk, slip, flip, fall that is it, it has a bad name 

Never mind, he who chooses, not to look down 
Did not look. Stop, look, listen, you did not look 
Oh, gosh that’s it, he has a bad name 

And there we go, you took your eyes off the ball  
There we have it, there he does it  
A bad name, Keyser Soze 

So again and again, I will get Poirot 
To set the record straight, I mean why
Why blame the banana, t' usual suspect 

Where placed a crime scene notice on the post 
With all due respect "Sir!"
The banana, the banana? 

You see legend has it, as the story goes
Two men came into contact with
The banana, the banana

Well, a lot more than two and a monkey 
If you choose to be picky, add Super Mario 
I mean why be picky it’s just a story

So two it is, two men 
I say, two it is, sue me, boo hoo 
In this story just t' two, I am t' story teller, telling  

Anyway two men came into contact
With the banana, which found itself
At the crime scene, chalked around for evidence  

The story goes... one unplugged the banana 
So yellow, ripe and tempting
That's why, not I say, dare I say

A woman, "naughty minds 
You lot, naughty minds
He pushed it down his throat

And in the excitement he dropped
The yellow peel down on the road in trivial thoughts 
The story goes, as I was saying

The second man walked by
In dream state, up in the air, clouds daydream
He stepped on the banana and went flying off

A mystery that holds, the accused banana
Why is the banana to be blamed
The banana, the banana

I always wondered why the banana
Should have so significant a bad name
I would get Poirot to investigate this strange

This strange, this strange 
Bananarama, drama 
A story of sort 

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  1. I like the idea of standing up for the ever-to-blame banana..

  2. What a great story telling through a poetic form...nice!

  3. Oh, if only I could remove the grin from my face in lamenting the injustices placed on the poor, poor banana. Love it!

  4. This is very very clever, and so much fun to read. "I am t' story-teller, tellin'"

  5. dynamic imagery, thanks for sharing.

  6. the images give one instant glimpse of the story.

    Glad to see you share at poets rally.
    excellent story.

    see you next time.


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