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Sunday, 22 January 2012

What is a wave length

Tied in pair owning a smile, wave length 
What is a wave length, to be indulged 
To say we are on the same wave length 

And laugh and cry, on stroke into a hug 
Finishing off sentences unforced 
And what punch line jokes hold 

Affinity of vibes, a wink with meaning 
A smile with unspoken words   
On the same wave length coiled together 

Do I have to spell out and sketch
Laughing at my jokes, sharing my dreams
Sensing my excitement, or fear 

What is a wave length, 
Feel my essence like a touch of fur  
Is it when two people hold 

Two  similar strings and wiggle them  
To come out with the same dance 
Pattern of waves  formed every time 

Wave length, affinity, a spark, to tingle  
Would you laugh at my jokes 
Knowing what the end is before finish 

And put a smile on my face
Like the brightness of the daisy answering 
"she loves me, she loves me not" 

To be on the same wave length with me
To tie us two, a pair together 
A knot, to be your comfort 


  1. nice...i like the binding in this...and your focus on teh enrgy as well between the two...very cool...

  2. Being on the same wave length with someone can bring so much joy as this poem has done to my day.

    Thank you.


    "I Like It Like That"

  3. P.S. The top photo made me think of sushi...human sushi roll. :-)

  4. great piece...i love it when magpie writers embrace the figurative rather than just describing the pictures...gorgeous words...

  5. Nice Mag, and these lines are exquisite (you could almost have ended it there they are so good):

    Is it when two people hold

    Two similar strings and wiggle them
    To come out with the same dance


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