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Thursday, 5 January 2012

The late edition

Something new, on the non-sensible of thoughts 
I demand a change from the council of  elders  
I make my case to be heard, hear, hear, subject to abstract 

The saying goes "mind you I made it up"
The saying goes, as goes the saying
In the school of thought "mind you I made it up"

The saying goes, that a drunk is never regretful
Of the drinking "why ever for"
It is the hungover he hates

And if the liver could be put out of harms way
You know, that is just a thought to be considered
More cheers in Munich a' breaking beer jugs in oktoberfest 

This is about the Christmas tree, "a change I request"
Though I am inclined, contracted by prerogative
To confuse you the reader for a bit

As readers of digest, why should I serve you
With digested meals, like with a silver spoon 
When you still have thoughts of denture to chew with 

The Christmas tree, I protest and make a case
Should stay standing until the end of January
Hear, hear, honourable members of non elected

But with seats in each house, sat on sofa
Where the Christmas tree is to spend
These days of merry, in front of the fire place

You see, the Christmas tree is a tree of memory
A friend once said to me, I have decorations on my tree
Gifts I got from friends and family no longer here

My tree is a tree of memory recall 
To celebrate joys of those I no longer see
A gift from my gran, a friend, my mother, a gift here from you

Why pack the Christmas tree off so quick
And box it off so fast, to hide 
Away, away to the attic it goes "I demand a change here"

I protest for the tree of memory with dangles of gift 
Hear, hear the Christmas tree, I call to stand, hear hear 
Let me live with this memory a bit longer 

PS: not to worry if it makes no sense 
it was never meant to 


  1. I love this one, too, Kodjo. The repetition of the phrases really works, it has a wonderful flow, and I especially love "tree of memory". I dont like it being bundled away so soon either:)

  2. nice...really like how you draw this to a close...great story telling as well with a point...was great to learn more about you today...and smiles..yes thank you for the mention man...

  3. I love Christmas Trees ... mine have ornaments of sentimental value ... rather than commerical themes ... our tradition is not to take it down until the "twelfth night" (after Christmas ... or the "Little Epiphany") ... and even then, it is still sad to see it go!

  4. I agree about not packing that Christmas tree off too quick! Mine will be up a while longer. Sometimes there is more time to enjoy the tree AFTER the hustle and bustle are behind!

  5. I have heard of people who keep their trees up all year because they love Christmas so much. I stopped putting up a tree years ago when the kids all moved out. That makes it easy because I never have to worry about putting it away. Not sure if I will ever put one up again.

    I do like your way of thinking though in the poem which is great by the way.

    Thanks again for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday. Can't wait to see what you do next week.

    God bless.

  6. Your tree is really almost a tree of life, yes? Very cool poem ...

  7. Thanks for sharing this with I Saw Sunday Kodjo. :-)

  8. so many memories with that tree of yours! :0

    4 senryu about pages

  9. So full of life and memories--liked this piece! I don't put up a tree, but I love seeing them!


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