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Friday, 20 January 2012

The Devil's Advocate

Sweet and sour  
Like ying and yang 
Always these two seem to come in pair  

One after the other, before the other
And another here cometh, behold "catch 22"
Duck down to escape their impact, too late  

Course and effect thread silk 
Laid invisible like traps 
Of the spider, a zap on wings 

Awaiting, awaiting to be devoured  
I hear they turn on each other
Spiders, two can't be at the web

How safe is the eye of the storm 
What of the centre of utopia 
Interconnection of the seemly opposite 

Playing good cop, bad cop 
False incentive, for which to favor a fool 
To confess to t' tricksters, a devil's advocate  

And they say, not all that glitters is gold 
And perception of normality 
Always has a hint dot of abnormality 

If one looks close enough 
Sweet and sour, like ying and  yang 
Always these two, seem to come in pair   

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