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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Oh Arizona

I want a stand in Arizona, a front row seat
Right in front of the canyon grand 

Looking out through the valleys 
A humbling feeling for a mankind  

I want to stand on the canyons, oh Arizona 
And feel so blessed like the gods do  

To see the vast abundance, my eyes embrace 
Feel the emptiness, that allows contemplation  

Within that void the canyon wide 
Sense the richness immense it holds 

For the canyon, depicts life, in show 
In all its grand, in all its faults, in all its all 

Oh, I want a stand in Arizona 
The canyon wide, in zeal I gasp 

A humbling feeling for a person 
Right in front of the canyon grand

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  1. man i want to visit the grand canyon too...i bet it is humbling and awe inspiring all at once...

  2. I so hope you get there, Kodjo! I've never been, but I know it is beautiful.

  3. It is an awesome sight, Kodjo! Very nice write!



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