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Saturday, 14 January 2012

The housing crisis

 Get a man in 
Get a man in 
In mid cycle 

Half the time, in mid cycle 
When everything goes to pot 
In mid cycle, in mid cycle?  

That’s what happiness 
Half the time in mid cycle 
To keep the house in shipshape 

That’s what happiness in mid cycle 
When the man with the van 
As seen, is seen, parked outside. “honest” 

Oh but at weekends, on weekends 
There is trouble, always trouble 
For half the time, in mid cycle 

In mid cycle 
Half the time 
In time spent 

The man of the house in working gear 
Off, high flying the flag of manhood 
Tries to be Mr fix it 


She says, just get the man in 
Before the load in washing spin 
Goes out splashing, spilling, in mid cycles 

The housing crisis 
The housing crisis 
You see   


  1. haha...yeah you dont want me plumming...we need to get the man in at that point...nice kodjo

  2. smiles...great capture of the everyday madness...so who needs a man with a tie and a white collar...love me a man in working gear, fixing the house, doing magic with his hands and high flying the flag of manhood...smiles
    great take on the prompt kodjo

  3. Fun and inventive... even made me a little dizzy. lol.

  4. this is so today, so about families and relationships? what is in a child's head these days as he grows up?

  5. hmmm An inside view of a world that many think they know but perhaps don't. I like the idea floated by Zongrik that this is perhaps the monolog of one of the children in the painting?

  6. Very cool use of repetition in this. This is one of my favorite of Botero's. There were so many stories for the school children to make up in it. They were the ones who pointed out to me that the little boy was about to burn himself on the iron!


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