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Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Prodigal Son

Who would answer this door, when I knock 
When I knock, who would answer this door  

Who would sound the bell, blowing horns 
To announce that Dzogbese Lisa is back  

Who would remember my name, statue 
Or any memory of  my social stands that remains  

Would my family house still be by the beach 
Or has the sea long, invaded and captured my lot 

Would I find with ease my way around this hay 
Opening up memories long forgotten to navigate 

Or would the kids and elders around, ask bemused 
Who is Dzogbese Lisa again, never in memories to hold 

Forgotten in statue that stands, broken down 
I once had my name on the lips of all, before forgotten winds 

Who would answer this door, when I knock 
When I knock, who would answer this door 

A stranger now to familiar grounds
Who would answer this door when I knock 

And say, hey welcome Dzogbese Lisa 
You have been missed 


  1. Even i can understand how i feel. My dad is in a transferable job so we keep moving from one place to the other. Each place we go to becomes home for the time we are there. And it continues to remain home at one corner of my mind. Sometimes i really wonder what happens in my myriad homes, whether it remembers me or not. But i will always remember it.

  2. Beautiful words Kodjo - beautiful!

    Anna :o]

  3. This has a wonderful lilt to the stanzas; a rhytmn I really like. The message is one I think about to, who will hear my knock. Well done!

  4. Awesome write, Kodjo. I really like this!


  5. I love this poem - the words are profound and I love the repetition of the central question that the poem asks. Wonderfully written!

  6. I really liked the rhythm and pace of this poem. It packed a punch too. Cracking stuff.

  7. I love this piece! We all want to be remembered and feel we mattered to someone somewhere keeping us alive in their thoughts and hopefully their hearts as well.Enjoyed !!!

  8. beautiful and thoughts provoking.

  9. This piece resounds the thoughts of us all and the imprints we wish to make in the sands of our time here on earth. It's really beautiful.

  10. I really like the repetition in the first and last stanzas.
    "Or would the kids and elders around, ask bemused
    Who is dogba selesa again, never in memories to hold"

    This really illustrates how transitory is our time on earth. Very nice.

  11. "Would my family house still stand near the beach
    Or has the sea long, invaded and captured my lot",



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