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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Etta James - At Last

In spoken word  Etta James at last
Life so long lived, so short lived 
How far we have come, in such a short time 
So few know, names of once legends 

Time belittles the mighty, it comes so fast 
In time, just in time, chipping away 
Life and time makes frail wholesome 

The strong that once stood invincible 
Ali, Ali, Ali, Ali, shades shadows of legends 
Etta James, oh dear Etta 

With voice to treasure 
A break through, a pioneer 
A sister to the act in the act 

Some souls should never frail 
For truly they stand as gems 
To the fabric of humanity 

Such earth anointed angels 
Should live longer than the average 
For they are hard to replace

Do not archive my deeds
And live once so popular
To the company of curb-webs

Shake Spare has been fortunate
Let me be so too, to share
What chalice he came upon to hold 

Do not throw me to the archives
I was once named a treasured legend
Do not let my work die with me

I was once a sister on the stage
I filled halls and had standing ovation
Do not let me go forgotten

Attribute me a legend to remember 
A life of precious treasure lived
Oh dear Etta James, Etta dear, rest in peace


  1. R.I.P. Etta.

    I noted here passing by playing my cd of her music and listening to community radio that did a four hour program tribute to the lady and her music.


  2. a beautiful offering....It's so strange when mentioning an older movie star or the like, and young people today haven't got a clue.....(hope I don't sound like a curmudgeon!)


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