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Thursday, 26 January 2012

The man behind the curtains

If greed had a way to be satisfied , with spin 
It’s morality would not be t‘ focus of questions 
To be shunned to t’ fringes of society 

Ambition is yet a cousin of greed 
To want, so is the concept of inspiration 
Closely related, yet in different lights 

And thus the motivation to achieve 
Is the second cousin of greed 
A tool to enact such edges desired 

Where all, except the fallen angel of greed 
Are made welcome in high society 
And celebrated for what paths taken 

There is, in these banquets of great moral 
Always a side room in meetings, of class 
Where the great, venture behind closed doors 

Where the elite assemble, away from hang ons
To gather thoughts, hold hands, break ritual glass 
And honour the Skull a' bones and the Freemasons  

In such secret meet, greed is always at the helm
The puppet master, its human nature   
Being the man behind the curtains  

NB: Just to entertain you 
a read of the top ten secret societies 


  1. Thanks for sharing this information.. I made a morning search over a cup of coffee. I believe it all started with the children's secret clubs, complete with special handshakes to enter the clubhouse or tree fort.

  2. A secret society as theme of a poem ... i love that choice. Wonderfully crafted.

  3. Wow, the man behind the curtain-so vivid and true!
    You really captured such vivid imagines~
    Well Done :D


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