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Thursday, 1 March 2012

A fish out of water

Reaction of a fish out of water 
Is to call to court all the king's men 
For he is to be crowned, the king of the land 

What happens to prospects
When one tries to put a square
Through a round hole and it doesn't fit 

What happens when one takes 
A fish out of water and says to it 
Take a walk mate, breathe some fresh air 

What happens when one takes  
The fastest man on land 
And says to him swim, just as fast  

Only then will you truly be remarkable 
This is the bar for all men to be judged by 
To be just as good in all fields 

A place and a time, characters and roles 
If only rationality and reality works that way 
But surely it doesn't by evidence of nature 

So then the profound question  remains 
How good, would a fish be, walking through a desert 
To be chastised, saying "mate you good for nothing"  

And for the fish to be ignorant 
Of the existence of  the sea 
To know what it was meant for

Sometimes, it is not the cards one holds 
But the card game table one finds one's self
Sitting out to play, that determines one's outcome 

Learning to cut one's losses just in time
Leaving one with enough gas in the tank 
To make it to t' next opening is all it takes 

Sometimes, it is just a reaction 
Sometimes, that is all it takes 
Just sometimes, sometimes 


  1. Very powerful and well written.

  2. That fish looks like my boss.

  3. Sometimes when you take a fish out of water it thrives, but most of the time it just flounders. I like the picture and truly enjoyed the poem. It does make one think about how we would be if suddenly we had a change in our life thrust upon us. Many of us would have a hard time surviving but we usually do. We do become complacent and change can be hard.

    Thank you so much for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday, it is always fun to see what you will write each week. See you next week.

    God bless.


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