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Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday's Tabloid

See if cash money, rules the world
That means am secondary
They say am secondary

Like my life, comes after the money talk
And it's the world trade, pyramid 
The three masons, who set the rules

Sunday mails say 6 millions bees in the world
And it's only 1% , that makes the queens
And she says, and it done, it's the money talk, honey talk

And I see, and I see, and I see brother bee starving
Bony head, bony ribs, and he is starving
Lord knows, he is starving, call him, him Marvin

Red cross, lay aligned charity trucks
And poverty stands, opposite cash money
Rush money, hide money, Swiss accounts opened

And the tax is not paid by the rich, the rich,
and the rich is  famous, famously selfish
And they want it all, greedy is in, green eye seen

You see, if cash money rules the world
That means I am secondary, void social mobility
They made me secondary, second class

Pure capitalist mind set secondary, 
Rich man, poor man, big gap
Then they say, they say shhh

We know best, we educated
Eaton educated, so we know best
Best believe we know best
We politicians, we know best


  1. Come one man. How are rich people gonna keep op appearances?


  2. Oh I so hear you! About the rich not paying taxes - a pet peeve of mine. Good topic!


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