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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Love Dunes

Picture by Rosa follow the link on the left
A thousand grains, 
At the mercy of the winds, blown free 
Sand dunes forms shapes, love grows 

And never the same, in stories told, 
So we are required to keep our eyes
On shapes that form, 

To know what patten sand dunes do follow, 
To become nomads and braze, desert storm,
To grace what patten love do follow 


  1. Nice,nice. It's unique...

  2. He's watching the shapes, those desert shapes constantly molded and etched by the wind. Well done, kodjo.

  3. the patterns of love...can be different each time the wind blows in and changes the form...beautiful take on the prompt kodjo

  4. The integration of elements from both photos is well done, Kodjo. There truly are some exquisite shapes in the sand photo, and the portrait hints at so many stories to tell just from those eyes. Great challenge response.

  5. follow the patterns...that might get me in trouble, i would be following the neat sand sculptures in circles...smiles.

  6. Wow, superb! Thank you so much for complementing my images with your words. It is like the images come to life with your poem!

  7. Sand dunes like ever changing patterns of love. Very romantic image there, very much enjoyed it!

  8. A wonderful exploration of the picture prompts with a strong metaphoric theme.

  9. Enjoyed this a lot, particularly love the last stanza.

  10. Love is His grace and we just need to feel it, live it, enjoy it! So creatively put here!


  11. I don't know but life does have a pattern..

  12. The shape of love keeps changing..


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