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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Skinny-dipping hearts

Skinny dipping with my heart
In pools of your love
I went skinny dipping
With a splash, in your pool

Naturist, to have bared it all
Holding back, none on fear nor doubt
Shedding weights I threw my self in
Into your arms to be drenched

And while I drink I  am consumed by you
And while you lay passage in me
Running through veins to my heart
I am at one with you

Closed doors
Have their own stories to tell
That is for your eyes to see, to feel
To attest in emotion's hight

I went skinny dipping 
With my heart
Your pool felt warm 
Connecting with my core

So I  chose to settle in
A home for my heart found
Skinny dipping with my heart
Like a fish in paradise ponds


  1. love how you compared being in love with someone to skinny deeping.

  2. Darling sentiments in this poem; I like how the image compliments it. Nice!

  3. I enjoyed the analogy "skinny dipping with my heart" lovely

    Enjoy the rally!


  4. playful words.
    well done.


  5. Delightfully warm and sweet. Thank you!

  6. And while I drink I am consumed by you
    And while you lay passage in me
    Running through veins to my heart
    I am at one with you

    I love this stanza beautiful

  7. Oh to be able to be that vulnerable...
    You expressed it perfectly.

  8. This is wonderful. I love your take on skinny-dipping here! The words alone "Skinny dipping with my heart" say so much! Especially love the line "Closed doors have their own stories to tell". Indeed they do! Often it is what is not said or avoided that tells tells the truer story. Love it!


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