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Friday, 20 May 2011

Healing Hearts

Testing still waters and tying knots
How many rounds, in rounds 
Does one make around objects
In tying knots, fastened belts

In securing lines, 
To get things right, 
To get things right
To get it right

Run a mile on cycle lessons, bike  
Third wheels off, from support
Scars on bandage tied in knots, bare signs of miles gone 
And life is left on repeat play, while rain pours 

In wondering minds, pondering  
If the rain that formed in clouds
Form from, the same that washed the earth
How come it is not with salt and dirt when it pours

As becomes of the heart that heals 
Like the pure rain, that pours
In streams, on us, from the heavens, recycled life lessons 
On repeat play and plays repeat, and less of the weight 

For hope holds, that it pours of rain so pure
To free hearts from darkened clouds
And set hearts free to love again
I can see clearly now; I am rain washed 


  1. the thoughts and emotions evoked and the images painted - so very very well-done

  2. we do see through our hearts...this poem tells it beautifully...enjoyed it

  3. Walking is often best in the rain. This reminds me of journeys in the rain.

  4. For hope holds, that it pours of rain so pure

    So this I really love! Great writing all! :)


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