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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Flower Love

Her beauty, blossom portrayed
Held like the American Beauty
In classics, images that lingers
And I will be Kevin  Spacey

She smiles with delight, 
Surrounded by natures 
Symbols of fertility to pollinate, 
And I will be the bee to scent her

This is spring in reflections, 
Soft on the eye, green leaves 
Gives her wings on her behind 
Like a fairy with hips to admire 

And her eyes do smile 
Making the connection 
Between reciprocal and admiration
Like hippies with love to share

And India Arie 
With guitar songs to serenade 
She brings the Sunday feel 
Of relaxation to my heart


  1. This is a lovely poem for a sultry Sunday, romantic and restful.

  2. ha. nice play on american beauty...it does...i will be the bee to scent her...ah, excellent...

  3. hmmm what was on your mind this morning?that's one of my favorite movies also.good piece.

  4. hmmm wat was on YOUR mind this am?that's one of my favorite movies too!i like it!

  5. I like the connection you drew to American Beauty. And I love the line "Making the connection / Between reciprocal and admiration." Well done.

  6. I more the look at the picture and read your words, I can see why you drew parallels to American Beauty. Beautiful piece -- sensuous and romantic, but with a whiff of innocence about to be lost.

  7. lovely feelings!

  8. Love your allusions - this really makes the poem pop. Memorable piece!

  9. India rocks and AB is a favorite movie. Good work.


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