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Saturday, 7 May 2011

On Roads to Damascus

On roads to Damascus..
Desert storms brew, new seasons...
Blows with life of attestation's vigour..

Like the push of  dominos  falling..
Puppets masters fall off..
In suscession, against up raising ..

Puppets on revolution..
Swept up on the path way..
Them against us as we proceed..

Divide, isolate and selfish rule ..
Pointing fingures ..
At phatoms enemies..

Illusion used as weapons ..
To maintain strings,  ..
The 60 year old  emergency law t' stands ...

And we will come to know pain
Before the day is over, it is what price paid 
The course for falling souls, to be made heroes 

This is animal farm
George Orwell in old byzantine ..
After Napoleon takes over ..

And the opposition is silenced ..
The Marxist taste of power 
The seduction of calling all his own

But not today, the storms brews..
Paul is visited on the road to Damascus..
The storm blows across accient lands...

And the revolution is to be known..
Even if not televised, try youtube..
Words spread, twitter and facebook..

The civilization is older than the oppression..
Let that be known, its new seasons ..
On roads to Damascus ..

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  1. This is so powerful, and tying the present to the past works excellently.

  2. It looks like you've got your ear to the ground!

    Well recorded!!

  3. Muscular images and a mind arresting image! What is the origin of the picture?

  4. A wonderful past and present poem. The picture is very powerful.

  5. Very strong images and observation - and sadly true.

    Anna :o]

  6. Kodjo,

    Your reflections and words about this situation, express the risk and fear to the world. A scary domino effect indeed.


  7. Kodjo, so glad to see your political take on this season. Powerful images, and remember, on the road to Damascus, Paul was first struck blind, then made to see with new eyes. I pray those who assume power take the time to "blind" themselves to self-gain and see what the people really need. And I hope that is taking hold in America, as well. Thanks again, Amy


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