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Monday, 2 May 2011

City of Culture

I am an adopted son, from distance land 
Living within this here walls of riches 
I am from the city of abstract  
Graffiti, Bansky and lost souls found  

Where black-beard once called home. 
I am from the city with dungeons 
Wine cellars, and dark history 

With  St. Andrews park, my backyard set 
Where friends sit and celebrate life 
I am from the city of the brisfest 
Where SS Great Britain resides  

And SSC bloodhound is born 
The city where Harry Potter was written annex 
Where air-balloons bring magic to the sky 
Harbour side festivals and that of St. Paul's 

The football teams 
Aren't much to write home about 
Same can be said of the rugby teams 
Sports really not our forte, 
And I hide to say that, to save my skin 
Yet we still raise our flags high with pride

On the streets of Gloucester road 
Down on to Montepelier  to Stoke-croft 
Where you did find the heart of the city, with graffiti stands 
And many more in art, cafe' shops and poetry stands  

To feed a feast for life's enrichment  
We still yell out, No Tesco, in protest 
And lose  the battle, blame conspiracy and politics   
Police with batons, but no petrol bombs on the streets
As the authorities preached on false finger points 
Nothing fancy, just a cultural thing on protest  

This is the city of Brunel  
Clifton bridge, Cathedral 
Colston hall, and the Old Vic,  for drama staged 
This is the city of  Brizz Bristol, always with drama, a free spirit 

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  1. This is rich Kodjo, well done indeed my friend ...Clara

  2. Thanks for the literary tour of your home town.

  3. An excellent poetic intro to your home. Thanks. Well done and revealing with many artful details.

  4. Graffiti - the universal form of communication as expression. Good one, Kodjo.

  5. from the city of abstract...you painted a solid picture and it would fit to many places...good write kodjo

  6. Love it a beauty and blues write...very nice kodjo...bkm


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