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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Stranger's Knock

It is often said that, you know that..
Not all that glitters is gold "there"..
And books are never to be judged ..
By their covers, deceiving ..

The "damp" perceived notion.. 
Is always put to the test..
In the middle of chapters passage..
Let me walk round and see ..

Half way through restraint 
The man who attempted 
To walk under sea bed, on freedive
Succumbed to the need of man

He breathes desperate in air indulgence
Like a rush of a thousand bull
On cyclone, tornado on the word go
Into collapsing lungs

Chameleons only blend in falsely
Camouflage for a while "incensed "
Lashing bullet tongues out
In an instance, for predatory feed

While wolfs in sheep skin, itchy backs
Gives in to their hunger, 
Like leaches on diet, 
And their lust for blood

On the wagon, "skid"off the wagon
Now you see me, now you don't
Thought you had me, think again
Ok, ok, ok peek-a-boo!

So I query pleasantries, 
It is only wise to, 
Let me see, I wear glasses, clean ones
What you describe in abstract

Let me read to middle passages
And ask  of my opinion  
On observations after
That is when and where the story is told


  1. easy to fall into the trap of preconceived notions and misperceptions placed in our laps by those thought our betters...better to challenge them ourselves...

  2. Do you have a place where you like to spend time writing poetry? Just curious.

  3. kodjo....loved this...you always come up with something new and original..great c=share...pete

  4. Best to trust your own judgment. Vb

  5. Great job =) We each have our own truth.

  6. ooh I love this we really have to all find our own truths,


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