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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Morning Yawn

So little done, so much to do (Cecil Rhodes)

Morning yawn, morning breeze, 
Pulling and stretching the sleeping muscles 
Dew blankets and washes the morning leaves

Birds sing, harmonious songs 
To wake our minds,
Like worker ants tasked, matching orders 

Slowly we start the working day 
Cups of tea, freshly brewed
Helps the yawning minds to wake

Another mark to be made today 
Another hem sewed, for garment worn 
In the 9 to 5  of clickety clock

To earn our keep, clickety clock 
On pay roll clock, clock-ins, ch ching   
In the cycle of life, of the working week

Another clock works, clickety clock  
Tics, tocs, alarm bell rings, birds out 
Another working day to earn our loaf 

So little done, so much to do
With ambitions dreamed awakin minds 
Clickety clock, quick now, time goes toc 


  1. smiles nice plod through the day...they happen quicker and quicker the older i get...time between alarms shorter and shorter...cling to those dreams...

  2. the ol' daily routine... we gotta do what we gotta do... very nicely put in a great poem!

  3. "so little done, so much to do"

    the voice of urgency cries louder and louder.
    praying for a more muted silence, that you may relax, enjoy, breathe.

  4. Me too: So little done, so much to do. Time moves so quickly, and I wonder what I accomplish.

  5. Dead good! loved the last line - 'Clickety clock' brilliant!!

  6. Yes, the older you get the more it flies until it's all a blur! Nice write.

  7. Yes time flies by so fast
    As it never does last
    And whatever you get done
    There always seems to be left a ton
    Love the pic too
    Enjoyed the one shot by you

  8. The end made me chuckle...

  9. "...Clickety clock, quick now, time goes tock"

    Love this ... and in itself meets the prompt with delight!


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