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Friday, 27 May 2011

Surfing The Morning Glory

Shepherding the "flock" of ambitions 
Like queues of the morning glory
Lined up to be surfed 

The week has been long
Like a journey of epic voyage 
Trials and tribulations 
Dragons to have slayed 

Turbulence that threaten 
Birds without wings 
Man with imaginations, strive 
Stood tested, by virtue on my making

On days like this, stood in t' out back of wilderness
I wish to surf the highest winds 
Glide on the clouds, the morning glory
Between the heavens and earth. 

At this stage, in the process of defining a man
I am not ready to pass the bucket, 
Pack a suit case and join the heavens, 
I am King Leonidas, facing off the Persians 

Though I feel like a warrior after conquest
Coming off the battle field, with  fresh scars
Gliding the morning glory for a reprieve 
If only for a nights rest 

Still too much indulgence 
To be acquired on earth 
And love is still blossoming 
It is with what joy we look forward to

With stories yet to tell, many more to be added
As life experience, as the lives we lived
Yet between genesis and revelations on course
We yearn the need to come up for fresh air 

On days like this, calling "time out" on battlefields 
I wish to ride the highest clouds home, carried by the winds 
No wings to flap, surfing the morning glory on glides
To finish off the long and testing week


  1. Very nice! I feel like that..too much I want to do to leave in the clouds yet!

  2. "With stories yet to tell, many more to be added
    As life experience, as the lives we lived
    Yet between genesis and revelations on course
    We yearn the need to come up for fresh air"... love that!

  3. It seems there are always dragons to be slain, battles to be waged!

    (You might want to visit Poets United today - Monday, as your work is featured.)

  4. "Lined up to be surfed" ... started my adventure by drawing me in and your word imagery kept me until the end!!! Nicely done!!

  5. This is lovely - it made me sight with the pleasure of reading it.

    Anna :o]

  6. Solid, telling, worthy work.


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