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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Drinking Games

Some days fortune  laughs like 
A Scotch whisky, Jack Daniels
On old Tennessee Cow boy's choice
Sizzling in my throat

And London dry gin
It rains so much
Southern comfort to keep one company

Malibu with coconut tree
Sits like paradise to visit
Hawaii blue, margarita on island

And when one says vodka
No need to mention 
Origins of the Kalashnikov

Like the AK 47
Spreads around like a KGB agent 
Sat with fortune of contradiction

Some days fortune laughs
Like an old Mexican tequila 
Not by the borders crossing

That would be like 
Having the "depth charge" 
Absinthe, bourbon, 

Maker's mark, wild turkey
And Jim Beam, legless
All in one shot, not a good idea

Some days it rains fortune
In  my throat, bar man, drinks honoured
Saturday night makes it feel just right 


  1. Perlease: never Scottish for the drink: Scotch is it. Never Scotch for a Scotsman, Scottish or a Scot, like my OH.

    Otherwise I enjoyed your poem very much.

  2. I'll have a Margarita, please! Your poem made me thirsty!

  3. good one.....thanks for sharing the drinks

  4. Kodjo,

    A lovely array of the wonders of life and those tasteful drinks.


  5. Fun poem! :) Name your poison!

  6. Love this, Kodjo. Didn't occur to me that the sizzle prompt would have a swizzle stick! Amy



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