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Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Bag Of Tricks

Do  not envy   
A stranger's shoes from a distant  
Trade yours in advance   
Before  getting to walk in his  

Test drive, up close 
It is full of holes left 
By the rat, that waits to make dinner   
When the sun goes down, lights out  

He smiles    
With a permanent grin   
Cry is too messy  an act   
To clean after   

Do not assume   
It is for the enjoyment of feast   
That the beggar ask for more   
In dinners served  

Hunger has no taste-buds   
To talk of, believe me   
And a thirsty man   
Will drink foul water  

But perseverance   
Has to pay off   
It is too high a price   
To pay for a bag of tricks   

Ownership has to be made of  
If not then why, the trade off  
The long journey to have taken
I sure hope, it is not just a bag  of tricks   


  1. Oh never envy till you've walked some - in someone else's shoes..I totally agree Kodjo. Nice.

  2. Great thoughts and a very interesting read well presented.

  3. Yes, life's journey are full of holes to be accounted for, some deeper than others. Interesting verse!

  4. You have some profound stuff here. I like particularly like the line, 'hunger has no taste-buds'

  5. Great work. Well done on blog of week I'm following.

  6. Excellent Kodjo

    Tried to leave this comment yesterday - but having intermittent problems with blogger.

    Anna :o]

  7. This poem gave me chills as I read it, Kodjo. So much truth here! I would like to hear this poem read aloud.


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