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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Last Call "Curtains"

Close to the beginning
Of new chapters..
Ending of old...

"In the merry month of May
In the morn by break of day"

The last league..
Filled with daunting..
Doubt, settling in,  "don't rush it"..

While adrenalin drops..
Like sports cars running out of fuel ..
On high ways, pushing past 90..

The electric coin meter..
Just runs out of coins, the Queen's shillings..
Its lights out, in an instance, like blink..

Molly hills, manifest in mountains
Ending steps similar to that of beginning 
Feels like the biggest obstacle to have ever faced 

Don't rush it, "let go of the panic button"
The man who fell, just before the finishing line 
And never got up, never made it past go 

This is the medal of honour, "don't rush it"
Where empty sweat glance
Bust out with blood 

Judge not in a rush, yet not
The lion's den, is there to be faced 
That's that, "don't rush it"

This is where the story is told, 
Wait till you see final push
Freak of nature "don't rush it"

Bored now of that lingering feel
This is the crowning glory
Don't rush it, 

Move over, 
Its over now, that's over now 
"curtains" last calling, before new

Note: The UK National speed limit is 70mph on the motor way
I am not advocating any speeding laws  to be broken
Guess on the Autobahnen, well "drive safe"..


  1. After reading your poem and the additional info, I look back at the picture and chuckle. However, your poem has a drive to it. The repetition of "don't rush it" and the emphasis on "push" kicks this one into overdrive from the beginning. Like the short phrased quick cadence of the stanzas to go with your concept.

  2. It's what we say to our children isn't it? Don't wish your life away, don't speak goodbyes into existence, live in the now. It's what we tell old people, isn't it? Live in the now! Don't live in the past. Life is not a memory. Life is the moment. Seize it, NOW! Well done, thanks, Gay

  3. dont rush it is a great mantra to use to enjoy the moment, even the journey along the way to where you feel you are heading...nice one shot

  4. "Molly hills, manifest in mountains" I found this line in particular quite striking. The whole piece had a lovely flow and sentiment. Nicely written ~ Rose

  5. Great poem Kodjo, with hidden meaning throughout. Your writing is so natural, so unpretentious, I enjoy it a lot.

  6. Even the line breaks aren't rushing it.

  7. This has a nice flow to it :)

  8. "The world went an got itself in a big damned hurry."

    - Brooks Hatlen, "Shawshank Redemption"

  9. Well said, Kodjo... after all, it's better to be safe than sorry...
    I like the way your thoughts emerge via your poems... it's so so original!!! Too good!

  10. It is always so refreshing to read your poetry...

    beguiling time


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