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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Constant Reality

There is always, an attachment, 
Conditions, angles, 
That throws in obstacles 
Into every new opportunity, 

As is the case of opportunities,
In every conundrum, 
Paradise is conditional, 
With attachment of requirements

Obligations, that needs to be met, 
Like the rain  for greenery
Farmers plant, rare and harvest
Milk men deliver, and bills do get paid

Glass up for celebration, 
Tomorrow we start all over again, 
Set on new stages, reality demands 
A continuation of the new paradigm  


  1. Might favorite line: "Paradise Is Conditional." That would make a great book or movie title. nicely phrased and thought out.

  2. Well, Blogger ate my first comment I guess. Just said that "Paradise is conditional" is my fave line and would make a great book/movie title.

  3. I like this Kodjo. Many great lines throughout. You remain one of my favorite poets ...

  4. brilliant, true that paradise is conditional.


    short story slam welcomes your submission.

  5. A brilliant piece. The best poets can tell us the ugly truths of life without harshness - as you do!

  6. Very lovely piece. Reminds me of all the beauty out natural world has to offer, yet it is marred by responsibility. I really enjoyed reading it.

    For more great poetry goodies and weekly prompts you might want to check out my little community I've just created:


  7. Perhaps there are always conditions. But then again, perhaps they are inconsequential...

  8. "Paradise is conditional" a concept that never occurred to me. {smile} i love your poetry!

  9. Kodjo,

    Each day the same demands and conditions for life, simply restart.
    Enjoy the moment!

    Best wishes, Eileen

  10. so true.
    well delivered sentiments.


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