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Monday, 16 May 2011

Monday Alarms

Links from rivers to lakes..
To the big blue..
And for the best part..
All others are linked...

Like life and it stories told..
Some times we rather ..
Embrace escapism ..
Than to know it all as fact..

Pandora's box 
Is not that fun to look in, 
If that is all there is to do
So we indulge in the alternative for a while

The weekend came, 
Like summer on parks
From the 5days of winter 
And letting hair down was indulged, 

Back to the alarm wake, 
We have 5days to earn our keep
And sow the thread of days
Linking another week 

To the stories being told, 
Let it count and enjoy the linking week
Can a fresh water fish swim in salt water
My mind, goes back to override again
Finding the linked connection

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